Food for Thought

We will be developing this blog to provide small business owners with information, hints, tips and suggestions to help them negotiate the pitfalls they face in growing their businesses.

 If you are a small business owner, welcome.  Every blog post will give you something to think about and I hope these ideas can, in some form, be applied to your business.  Not all the topics we’ll cover will be about sales and marketing.  There will be information on contract negotiations, time management and recruitment – all topics that are important to small business owners.

 The information you’ll find here is not intended to be a blueprint that you can simply lift across, slot into your company and guarantee success.  You should reflect on how to adopt these ideas in order to gain maximum benefit for your unique circumstances.

 The greatest value will arise when you think about these ideas in the context of your own business activities, adapt them as necessary and then integrate them into your business.  In this way, you should be able to define one or more targets / goals for how these ideas will improve your business. 

The next step is the most important.  Once you have worked out how these ideas could be implemented across your business, make sure you take some action.  Do something different.  There will be no improvement if you do nothing.  Change what you currently do and carefully monitor the results.  As you implement those ideas that are relevant to your business, use the targets / goals you defined to assess the impact these changes have on your business operations. 

The tips and suggestions that will appear here in the coming weeks have all worked for other small businesses.  They won’t all be relevant to your present circumstances – select the ones that are and reflect on whether or not they would benefit your company.

If you have any questions or would like to see a particular topic covered, then please leave a comment or get in touch by email.


  1. Reflect on the issues you deal with in your business and jot down the 3 issues that consume most of your thoughts and time.
  2. Revisit this blog in a few days to see if the 3 issues you noted are the same as the ones I have found over many years that small business owners continue to struggle with.
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