Month: November 2013

Collaborate with other suppliers

Lead generation is a big headache for many small business owners.  They struggle to maintain a consistent level of marketing which, of course, is essential for attracting new prospects.  One way to improve success in this area is to collaborate

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Personal experiences of good customer care

Most people, if they were asked, would probably agree that the standards of customer care have fallen over the last decade.  There are many reasons behind this trend, ranging from suppliers taking what they perceive to be unnecessary costs out

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Reward clients for their loyalty

Unless you are just starting up your small business, you will already have a number of clients who are happy with their purchases.  These clients have the potential to help you grow your business, provided they remain loyal and make

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What makes a great sales lead for you?

I assume that every small business owner has asked themselves this question – it’s one of the most important questions to address.  Once you know what constitutes a great sales opportunity for your business, you can begin to channel all

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Look alike suppliers rarely thrive

Small businesses struggle with differentiation.  If you appear to be just like your competitors then the only way prospects can differentiate between the different suppliers is on cost.  If suppliers are equal on all other measures, prospects will obviously buy

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