Year: 2012

The buying and selling of services is hard

It is widely accepted that selling services is generally more difficult than selling products.  With a service, there is nothing for the prospect to see or touch to give reassurance that it will do what the seller claims.    Your prospects

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Arrange positive initial prospect meetings

In many businesses, the first step towards making a sale is to meet with a prospect for the first time.  Initial meetings arranged by telephone cold-calls are very different to those set up using alternative prospecting techniques- ones which allow

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New featured book and articles for small business owners

We are gradually adding material to our website, mostly in the form of articles and we will be featuring a new book specifically targeted towards small business owners every month.  This month’s book explores some of the alternatives open to small

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Welcome to Sales Made Easy

Our website is still being developed and additional content will be added over the next few days.  Our aim is to develop a repository of valuable information to help small business owners succeed in marketing and selling their products and

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