Alternatives to telephone cold calling

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The use of and effectiveness of telephone cold-calling has seen many years of steady decline.  The most telling metrics are these

How many attempts do you need to speak to a single potential buyer?

How many attempts to contact potential buyers do you make in one hour?

How many conversations with prospects do you need to set up one appointment?

How many appointments does it take to identify one qualified prospect?

Let’s assume you need 12 attempts before getting to talk to a potential buyer, five conversations to get one initial meeting and four initial meetings to get one qualified prospect.  This means you must make a total of 12 x 5 x 4 = 240 telephone attempts to find 1 qualified prospect.

Assume you make 16 attempts to contact a potential buyer every hour, you will need 15 hours of solid telephone work to find 1 qualified prospect.  The reality for your business may be even worse.  Making 240 or more telephone calls to identify a single qualified prospect means whoever is making those calls is going to face huge amounts of rejection.

Even if the productivity metrics don’t act as a demotivator, the levels of rejection will.  Productivity and effectiveness drops meaning even more calls are needed to identify a single prospect.

It’s a tough way to fill a sales pipeline.


This book, “Alternatives to telephone cold-calling”, introduces ideas that small business owners can implement that utilises the power of the Internet.  The way people buy has changed because of the Internet.  Powerful tools can bring masses of information to your screen in seconds.  Your prospects will use these tools when they plan to buy something.

Will they find your company?

What will they learn about your company?

Will it enhance your credibility and reputation?

How can you maximise your visibility with your prospects?

What if prospects find something negative about your company? 


In this book you will find many ways to embrace the power of the Internet to find sales opportunities.  If you have been using telephone cold-calling to find sales opportunities, implement the ideas in this book in parallel until you are confident they will work.

You will identify sales opportunities without the stress and strains of making endless telephone calls, suffering rejection on most of them.  What’s more, the prospects you find will all be ready to engage with you – no more will you encounter prospects stalling and procrastinating.

When you match your selling cycle with the prospect’s buying cycle, the selling process is very smooth and you maximise your likelihood of winning the order.

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