About Us

As more and more people start businesses, there is a huge demand for cost effective help and assistance.  Sales Made Easy aims to provide a library of relevant information specifically produced for these small business owners.  Our aim is to continually expand our materials to cover the critical areas of marketing, selling and customer care, areas that many small business owners find the most challenging.

According to UK Government figures from 2011 (Dept for Business Innovation & Skills), there are over 4.5million businesses employing less than 50 staff in the UK.  All of them are scrambling to find enough sales to survive.

Some of these companies will employ no sales and marketing staff.  One or more of the entrepreneurs who formed the company will carry responsibility for lead generation and sales.

Others will employ a small number of sales and marketing staff. Some of these people will be relatively inexperienced in selling and marketing for small businesses while others will have many years’ experience behind them.

Our hope is that this website will provide material of interest and of value to each of these groups.  If you study and implement the ideas we provide, you will generate the volume of sales opportunities and orders needed to grow your company to the next level.

Although we are based in the UK, many of the ideas, tips and strategies will apply to small business owners around the world.  There is no short-cut to growing your company and long-term success will require hard work, clear thinking and a sprinkling of good luck.

We would encourage you to prioritise whatever form of to-do list you use and concentrate on doing the 20% of tasks that will give you 80% of your desired results.

Whatever business you are in, we hope the material available through this website helps you to find the path to guaranteed success.

Good luck