A new series of Blogs specifically for sales people

In almost every small business, generating sufficient sales on a consistent basis is a huge challenge.  There are as many reasons for this as there are types of small business.  A solution that works for one organisation may not be appropriate for another.

During my long career in sales I’ve seen many examples of small business owners fighting to keep their businesses afloat, struggling through cycles of feast and famine.  Their organisations seemed to go from one crisis to another.

I’ve seen this with small businesses in which one or more of the founders are responsible for sales.  These individuals had other responsibilities within the organisation and selling was often an area in which they had little experience.

I’ve seen the feast and famine cycle paralyse some larger businesses, where someone was employed full-time to work on generating sales.

It is possible to break the feast and famine cycle.  For small owners grappling with this type of problem, the best piece of advice I can give to you is to maintain your selling efforts even when you are busy and enjoying one of the feasts.

As this is such a problem I have decided to devote the next 10 weeks or so to writing blogs directed towards the salespeople working at the “sharp end”.  I will give tips, advice and action ideas to help you improve your sales success.

There won’t be any manipulative techniques to help you secure initial sales meetings with new prospects or slick closing techniques.  What I will provide are proven ways to improve your drive, motivation, effectiveness and success.

Look out for the first in the series, how to focus on your high impact tasks and avoid doing those tasks that aren’t necessary.

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