Month: March 2014

Be proactive in reaching your goals

It is most satisfying when you tick off your goals as you achieve them.  Even achieving small goals has a positive effect on your motivation and enthusiasm to tackle others on your list.  Small goals arise frequently as a result

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Common drains on your productivity

Do you ever get to the end of a busy day and wonder just how little you seem to have achieved?  It is quite likely you have worked hard, but have prioritised the wrong things.  You have been concentrating on

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Tips for getting press coverage

By far the best way to get press coverage is to provide journalists with materials they can use.  This seems a simple enough plan, but it is one that is tricky to implement well.  You have to become very good

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Marketing through articles

Articles are relatively easy to produce and can have a huge positive impact on your visibility within your marketplace.  An article will typically be around 700-800 words in length, although some people will write longer articles, some up to 1200

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Reasons to become an author

Small business owners are facing intense competition, from other small businesses and from much larger companies.  The latter are currently looking to win smaller orders to plug gaps in their order books as their larger clients, including Government organisations, are

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The Laws of Personal Productivity

After working in and owning small businesses for over 30 years I have concluded there are a number of Laws which, if applied consistently, will enable small business owners to maximise their personal productivity.  These Laws can be distilled down

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How to beat procrastination

Everyone procrastinates to a greater or lesser extent and there are certainly some situations when it is actually best to just sit back, rather than launch into action straightaway.  In most cases, though, procrastination is likely to have negative connotations. 

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