Month: October 2013

Marketing for micro businesses

In my mind, a micro business is one with five or fewer staff.  Often they are operating with only two people – the original founders.  Owners of micro businesses have a particular set of challenges which, if not handled properly,

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Networking isn’t selling

Successful networking comes from holding conversations with people in which they are your primary focus of attention.  Networking events are a great forum for meeting new people and making new connections.  For them to bear fruit, your new connections need

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Networking and Lead Generation

This has become a bit of a hobby-horse of mine after attending numerous networking events and being on the receiving end of countless sales pitches.  I have been networking for over 10 years and along the way the experience has

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Do leaflet drops still work?

There was a time, about 10 years ago, when small businesses used leaflets as one of their primary marketing tools.  Leaflets would fall out of local newspapers and magazines.  Leaflets would be given out in the street and pushed through

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Lead Generation in niche markets

Small business owners know they can’t sell to everyone and must focus on one or more niche markets in which they will have the most success.  Most owners should know and be able to define the niche markets in which

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Lack of differentiation is a widespread problem

Given the difficult trading conditions facing most small businesses it is surprising that so few manage to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  If you run a small business and have developed one or more meaningful points of difference, you are

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Awareness Marketing is a waste of time

There must be increased optimism among small business owners in the UK as I have noticed a growth in the number of business owners looking to increase their marketing expenditure.  Naturally, they want to capture additional orders.  They want to

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