Month: June 2013

How you find new clients has changed

Prospecting (or lead generation) has fundamentally changed in recent years, especially for small business owners.  The “old” ways of finding sales opportunities – direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing – are producing fewer prospects.  The way people want to buy

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Key Results Areas for Small Business Owners

Last time, I looked at the importance of differentiation to ensure you had a competitive edge over your competitors.  You could exploit this advantage by selling at higher price and generate increased profits.  However, simply having a unique product that

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The single most difficult aspect of running a small business

Something got me thinking the other day about the hardest thing associated with running a small business.  There were several candidates for the title of ‘most difficult aspect of running a small business’. With my background in sales, the winning

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The one path you must avoid

It is tough starting up a business and growing it into a thriving small business.  Owners need to be prepared to make sacrifices along the way and, in many cases, cope with numerous setbacks as well as patchy salary payments.

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Buyers always seem to have more time than you

When you are chasing sales, do you feel under time pressure to close the sale quickly – this week or this month? Are you always trying to move your prospects along the buying cycle and constantly feel they are procrastinating

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3 Key Laws or Principles

I have found it useful to keep 3 Laws or Principles in mind when planning and executing projects or general activities within small businesses.  This might be something quite small, perhaps running an email marketing campaign or a major project,

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The 3 issues that trouble most small business owners

Before reading this post, locate the notes you made last time when I asked you to jot down the 3 main issues you have to deal with as a small business owner. Many issues will land on the plate of

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Food for Thought

We will be developing this blog to provide small business owners with information, hints, tips and suggestions to help them negotiate the pitfalls they face in growing their businesses.  If you are a small business owner, welcome.  Every blog post

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