2013 Article Archive

Our articles are designed to provide tips, ideas and general assistance to owners of small businesses.  In around 750 words we hope to give an insight to some aspect of marketing and selling your products and services.  If you need further help on any topic raised here, please get in touch.

Articles published in 2013

7 Ways to handle a discount request                        7 Ways to  attract prospects                                    7 Ways your clients can boost your sales

Build a marketing hub                                                Tips from the sales front line                                   How to retain your clients

Why persist with telephone cold-calling?                   How to work through resellers                                 Tips for negotiating great contracts

Buyers control your sales pipeline                             How to use questions to engage prospects             How to minimise your financial exposure

Be different to your competitors                                  Focus your marketing onto your targets                How to deliver excellent after-sales service

Be visible and be likeable                                           7 Benefits to offer your prospects                           7 types of alliances that boost sales

Two types of initial prospect meetings                        Tips for stand-out deliveries and installations         How to succeed as a reseller

7 Key aspects of selling a service                               How to write an eBook in a few days                      How to ring-fence your best clients

Differentiation with experts                                           7 Ways to lose a sale                                            Giving value to prospects and clients

The selling and buying of services is hard                   How to negotiate profitable contracts                    7 Steps to make sales without selling

Selling services as a solution                                       Tips for marketing services                                   7 Ways to use an eBook

Selling services through a website                               How to earn more referrals                            How to position yourself to win more clients